ハイイイエハイ( yes no yes )
03.-24. December, 2016 @ studio J, Osaka, Japan

At studio J, Susan Pietzsch and Miho Shimizu jointly interpret ‘contemporary jewellery’, a term that has developed from the question: “How do we perceive jewellery in our modern society?”

This question arose in interviews organized by Pietzsch as part of her latest Schmuck2 project: Play Jewellery – Wear Architecture in 2015. The project was a series of dialogues with renowned Japanese architects discussing their thoughts on jewellery. The dialogues centred on the notion that jewellery must somehow, be beautiful.

Pietzsch and Shimizu searched for a formula (or algorithm), in an attempt to contemplate subjective definitions of beauty through objects and structures. The project started from a question in relation to architecture and, surprisingly, came back as an investigation of geometrical logic often found in architecture, and now offers in parallel a statement on the spatial aspects of jewellery.

The exhibition will provide a stage to stimulate interaction and communication – an exploration of the relationship between objects and the human body. The title “ハイイイエハイ” hints to the logic of the natural cycle – the sustainable beauty and the basis of the most simple mathematic formula.




HOCHsitzen: the two German artists Susan Pietzsch (jewellery) and Valentina Seidel (photography)
started their new project „spring/summer 2016 - green gold“ at the HOCHsitz during summer 2016. A publication will follow.


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